Women, Life, Freedom: Short Film Collection

Women, Life, Freedom: Short Film Collection

Where is home? A place of freedom and self-expression, or your place of birth?

We are honored to present to you a collection of films from the Iranian LGBTQ+ diaspora which, through their storytelling, relate to the current situation in Iran. Intimate and distinctly Iranian, these stories seek freedom in a place where freedom means death. Whether found through the journey of a queer refugee in a foreign land, a father suffering from the aftermath of war or a war zone being seen through the eyes of a six year old girl, a lesbian Jinn tale, a true story about the feminist Iranian poet Forugh Farrokhzad, or the threat of execution for LGBTQ+ Iranians - these stories that are universal, about Justice, Home, Family, Freedom, Journey, Self-Expression and Sexuality in a place called Iran.

Women, Life, Freedom: Short Film Collection
  • Cave Me In

    A short film about being far from home, and the need to reach out for something that not currently present in the artist's reality.

  • Ablution (Wuzu)

    An exploration into the inner life of a conservative queer Muslim woman and her struggle to reconcile her sexuality and spirituality in 1980s Tehran.

  • Hairy (Pashmaloo)

    Two Iranian girls - one raised in Iran and one raised in America - smoke a joint and talk about boys and body hair.

  • The Sin

    A visual meditation inspired by and featuring the words of "The Sin" ("Gonah") a poem by 1950's Iranian feminist poet Forugh Farrokhzad. An examination of a woman's remembrance of a lover and her conflicting feelings of pleasure and guilt.

  • Little Adam Example

    The desperate imagination of a child of war draws his arms equipped with guns but, the figure steps into reality to shape a new form of his being.

  • These Hands Tell Stories

    A selection from Sahar Ghorishi's Journey of/to Dawn, a platform which amplifies the lost beauties and memories of everyday MENA life.

  • 00:04:47:00 till...

    It only takes 4 minutes and 47 seconds until they take away an innocent's life. This happens in Iran on daily bases.

  • Whisper My Name

    Embracing the element of chance and offering symbolical interpretation, this video is a visual diary of an artist’s journey back to her childhood school in Dehkadeh, Iran. The empty rooms and their decayed elements resonate into history. In isolation, she explores places of memory, examines emoti...

  • 9,270.72 Miles

    9,272.70 Miles catalyzes emotion, connecting with the universal human experience of migration, connection, love and loss.

  • Once Again Memories I Loved

    When past and present become one melancholic dream, he has no choice but to review the memories left from the good old days to avoid the darkest reality of all time: war.

  • The Eyes (Chashmha)

    Through the 'click' sound of a camera shutter, a war photographer is transported back in time to battle. He recollects the traumatic visuals of war while taking photos in the park with his daughter. Her innocent eyes help to teach him to see beauty and life instead of explosions and bloodshed. Wa...

  • Gravitational Pull

    Gravitational Pull is a video excerpt from the short film, Andros in the City, written and directed by Naz Riahi, which explores gentle masculinity. Starring dancer and choreographer, Andros Zins-Browne and shot at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, this video was made as a remembrance of touch...

  • Chest of a Beast

    In this sound piece inspired by Jinn horror stories, this lesbian short story - set in late 19th Century Iran - points to hidden queer histories in Iran. Including the tradition of same-sex temporary marriages, and looking at gender segregated spaces as a possibility for an environment that encou...