The World of Pam Walton

The World of Pam Walton

For over thirty years, award-winning independent documentarian Pam Walton has held her camera up to a dynamic array of lives, lifestyles, and livelihoods of LGBTQ+ people and captured their experiences on film for all to clearly see. As preserved and restored by the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project, this collection of four films showcases Walton at the peak of her prowess in fixing her bold and humanist lens on populations that were erased, written-off, or editorialized by the mainstream. Here, Walton chronicles the experiences of lesbians who called the suburbs home amidst the anti-gay culture wars of the 1990s, the tragedy and hope of a young queer generation within that same time period, and her own story growing up in a family dominated by the religious right. Her work has screened at the Museum of Modern Art, PBS member stations, and at Outfest Los Angeles. Outfest Now is proud to present this stellar collection of fascinating and historically important films, and sends our enormous thanks to Pam Walton and the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project for their generous support.

The World of Pam Walton
  • Family Values: An American Tragedy

    Filmmaker Pam Walton and her father, a leading behind-the-scenes figure in the radical religious right, have had nothing to do with each other for over 15 years because of what her father calls her “sinful lesbian lifestyle.” Walton sets out to expose the hypocrisy that exists among the right win...

  • Gay Youth

    Since 1992, Gay Youth and its 16-page study guide have been among the most widely used, respected and effective educational tools for understanding the experiences of gay and lesbian adolescents. By contrasting the tragic death of 20-year old Bobby Griffith, a gay teen who could not find acceptan...

  • Lesbians

    Filmed as a Stanford class project, three politically incorrect lesbians discuss the competing definitions of the “L-word.”

  • Out in Suburbia

    Against the backdrop of the early nineties culture wars, Out in Suburbia spotlights eleven suburban lesbians, aged 25 to 67, who speak easily and frankly about their families, friends, and loves. A teacher talks about her struggle to come out to her students. A couple shows off the baby bedroom t...

  • In Conversation with Pam Walton

    To commemorate Outfest Now's collection of her Outfest UCLA Legacy Project restorations, legendary documentarian Pam Walton sits down with Outfest's Content and Programming Coordinator Daniel Crooke to discuss each of her films streaming within The World of Pam Walton: Lesbians (1986), Out in Sub...