The Filipinx Edition: Visual Art by Tala Oliver Mateo

The Filipinx Edition: Visual Art by Tala Oliver Mateo

10 Seasons

“why does the sound of laughter have a bullet behind it?
why does a fist, just the circumference of the heart, now hold its hackles up?
how can this universe be a pillow and not a landmine?
what ways do I make my soul a swallowing and a shield?"

-excerpt from the poem Loving in the Apocalypse Years
by Kay Ulanday Barrett

In this collection of visual art from Tala Oliver Mateo, we invite you to begin with their audio art piece "Am I..." and consider these reflections as you move through the various sections of their work. Each piece in this collection exists as a thirty-second video, which we encourage you to pause if you would like to spend more time reflecting upon it.

The dropdown menu below will guide you through each section. Click each thumbnail to view a fullscreen image of each piece in the video player.

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TALA OLIVER MATEO (They/She) are interdisciplinary artists whose visual works chronicle complex narratives of race, gender relationships, performance, language, memory and thought through customized and re-purposed gender enhancing prosthetics as art materials playfully juxtaposing conventionally gendered materials with an unconventional other.

Philippine-born, American artist, OLIVER MATEO immigrated to the U.S. in 1980. Raised as a child of a beauty queen and U.S. military dependent, OLIVER’S work is informed and influenced by periodic experiences of living with and occupying spaces with/in hyper-gendered environments.  These locales, in close proximity with "foreign" cultures, facilitate spaces for negotiations between language and ways of being that are repeatedly self-monitored, scrutinized, redacted, supplanted, supplemented, then reintroduced. Complicating these cyclical patterns and ultimately reconstituting the encounters through visual and performative mediums, processes, and practices, they create realms where altered objects, personas, and characters rebelliously exist and flourish outside and beyond the bounds of the norm.

OLIVER received a B.A. from the University of California, Santa Cruz and TALA received an M.F.A. from the University of California, Irvine, and has been shown in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. They live, work, and play in Los Angeles.


The Filipinx Edition: Visual Art by Tala Oliver Mateo
  • Am I...

    Episode 1

    Sound Art from Tala Oliver Mateo. We invite you to listen and reflect upon these words while viewing the visual art in this collection.