The Filipinx Edition: Queer and Trans Visions from Women and Non-Binary Artists

The Filipinx Edition: Queer and Trans Visions from Women and Non-Binary Artists

October is Filipinx American History Month (FAHM), the time of year when Filipinx identity is celebrated and acknowledged throughout the United States. The OutMuseum invites you to close out this month-long celebration, with different iterations in schools, cultural spaces, and homes already ongoing, with an exhibit showcasing creative works performed, written, produced, and directed by Filipinx queer, trans, non-binary, and women filmmakers & artists. Curated by OUTFEST FUSION programmer Irene Soriano, this collection offers a variety of expansive narratives where characters grapple with identities and inhuman systems that complicate issues around grief, self-acceptance, illness, unrequited love, identity, and desire.

The works in this exhibition engage with the complexity of community and history while pushing boundaries that invite us to reimagine other realities. There is anticipation in these works, a gesture rooted in the joy that a liberatory future that’s expansive, decolonial, and gender-free is within reach. There are many of us dreaming and creating a world where social justice, queer identities, and other fundamental rights and social rights and opportunities exist more than not. Yet, despite a world so severe and unsparing, we can continue to look to our stories, songs, paintings, and poems to create maps and imagined spaces where no one asks permission to exist. Perhaps in these works, we can perfect the creation of counter systems that offer healing balms for those of us that need to leave behind a wearying past or present. Can we be reminded that it is possible to center well-being and that we can value and normalize healing scenarios in our daily lives?  Beyond the ethnic cheerleading that tower over these observances, this exhibit asks its viewer to look through the lens of these Filipinx artists articulating a different world that might be around the corner.


Community Partner: Carlos Bulosan Book Club

The Carlos Bulosan Book Club (CBBC), established in May 2017, is a project of Friends of Echo Park Branch Library (FOEPL), located at 1410 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles, in the heart of Historic Filipinotown. The Echo Park Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) houses a dedicated Philippine Heritage Collection, consisting of several hundred volumes on Filipino American life and culture.The CBBC’s mission is to provide a forum to explore and learn about Filipino American and other immigrant experiences through literature and art, utilizing various media, including print, audio, and video formats. This project was born from the spirit of Carlos Bulosan’s merica Is In the Heart, a story of perseverance and sacrifice in the face of undaunting hardship to build a better life. Our aim is to preserve our collective memory by collecting the individual stories of our contributions in the building of America.


The Filipinx Edition: Queer and Trans Visions from Women and Non-Binary Artists
  • Introduction: Guest Curator Irene Soriano

    Arts producer, writer, and film curator IRENE SORIANO (she/her/hers)was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the US in 1981. She grew up in the Los Angeles neighborhoods of East Hollywood, Rampart/Temple, and the Wilshire Corridor, now known as Koreatown, fed on catholic school angst, 1980s ...

  • The Filipinx Edition: Short Film Collection

    7 items

    “Everyday I’m reminded
    that the reason I even have a voice
    is because my story has never been just mine.
    It has always belonged to the village
    A family heirloom from my ancestors
    who fought for their lives so that I can fight for ours.
    This is how I know that more than anything
    our stories have t...

  • The Filipinx Edition: Music & Sound

    5 items

    “you bring out the queer in me
    The dyke in me
    The brave beautiful butch in me
    The bastos the bakla
    The walang hiya in me”
    -excerpt from the poem you bring out the filipina in me
    by maiana minahal

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  • The Filipinx Edition: Visual Art by Tala Oliver Mateo

    10 seasons

    “why does the sound of laughter have a bullet behind it?
    why does a fist, just the circumference of the heart, now hold its hackles up?
    how can this universe be a pillow and not a landmine?
    what ways do I make my soul a swallowing and a shield?"

    -excerpt from the poem Loving in the Apocalypse Ye...

  • The Filipinx Edition: Prose and Poetry

    2 items

    “Write with your eyes like painters, with your
    ears like musicians, with your feet like dancers.
    You are the truthsayer with quill and torch.
    Write with your tongues of fire.”

    - Gloria Anzaldúa from This Bridge Called My Back
    Writings By Radical Women Of Color

    In this collection of prose an...