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  • Outfest House @ Sundance: THE VISIBILITY QUESTION - A Framing Agnes Case Study

    THE VISIBILITY QUESTION - A Framing Agnes Case Study - co-presented by GLAAD, premiering Saturday, January 22nd at 1:30pm PT.

    In this age of steadily increasing onscreen trans stories and characters, the words “visibility" and "representation" have become buzzwords…but what do these really mean?...

  • Manifesting Change: Short Film Collection

    6 videos

    New Year, new you. The month of January, for many, begins with resolutions of rebirth and renewal; a chance to slough off the negative for a fresh start. But this “change” doesn’t only need to come from changing ourselves. The protagonists in this collection of films manifest their change — in th...

  • Manifesting Change: Guided Meditation

    Throughout the year at our organization, Outfest Development Coordinator Patrick Ryan pilots our staff in mindfulness and meditative practice - and it's always a gift when he generously leads us in session. To begin the year by setting positive intentions and best mental health practices, Patrick...

  • Manifesting Change: Fusion 2021 - Building a Better Normal: A Media Roundtable

    The only constant is change, but how do we ensure that the change that is coming is inclusive and equitable? As the world navigates the changing media landscape, questions of what gets covered and who has access to coverage are front and center as a new normal is defined. This discussion will add...

  • In Conversation: The team of Prime Video's "With Love"

    Join us for a conversation with team of Prime Video's With Love moderated by Dino-Ray Ramos. With Love is created, written and executive produced by Gloria Calderón Kellett. With Love is a premium, beautiful and diverse series that is full of light and love, perfect for the holidays. The episode ...

  • A Queer Holiday: Short Film Collection

    6 videos

    Enjoy this shorts program curated by Filmmaker Fawzia Mirza that touches on the highlights of the holiday season. These are stories of chosen family, love, compassion, grace and many other traits that make the holiday season what it is and should be.

  • Chosen: Short Film Collection

    5 videos

    Guest curated by Kieran Medina, this shorts program features four short films by trans and nonbinary directors about the ways queer and trans people manifest family, navigate family, and expand our understandings of family. Through conversation, through humor, through poetry, through storytelling...

  • Chosen: Audio Storytelling

    3 videos

    These are recorded pieces from trans comedians, poets, and storytellers on the topic of chosen family.

    Storytellers: féi hernandez, Julia Scotti, D'Lo

  • Chosen: An Acting Roundtable - Where We've Been, Where We're Going

    This roundtable discussion is an intergenerational conversation with trans actors looking at their history within the industry as well as what they hope to see comes next.

    Moderator: Alex Schmider (GLAAD)
    Panelists: Nava Mau (Genera+ion), Jazzmun Crayton (When We Rise, Proven Innocent) , Jen Ri...

  • Chosen: Queer House Roundtable - Focus on Transmasculinity in Film & Television

    The evolution of masculinity embodied by trans men and non-binary people is still absent from our screens. Listen as diverse storytellers dive deep into how their work provides a crucial perspective culture-makers are missing. Originally produced for Outfest's Queer House at Sundance 2021.

  • Positive Impact: Short Film Collection

    5 videos

    Since Outfest first began sharing films with our audience that explicitly grapple with the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the tens of millions of people who tragically lost their lives to this terrible virus, onscreen depictions of the epidemic and the lives of HIV+ individuals have shifted with time and ...

  • Positive Impact: Here and Now (Reimagined) - An Outfest & OUTWORDS Collaboration

    0 videos

    Speak your truth. As this exhibit was crafted, the goal was to look at ways to address the current state of HIV/AIDS awareness, as well as provide an authentic look at the people for whom this is a daily conversation, not an annual one. With that in mind, we partnered with OUTWORDS an organizatio...

  • Positive Impact: Roundtable - It's a Sin & Evolving Depictions of HIV/AIDS on TV

    Russell Davies’ limited series returned to the early days of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the UK, crafting an energetic portrait that dealt in humor, heartbreak, and uncomfortable truths. Davies and his team discuss their work creating the look, feel, and characters of the 1980s, and are joined by The ...

  • OutSet: The Young Filmmakers Project

    12 videos

    Outfest presents a collection of shorts from OutSet: The Young Filmmakers Program. OutSet, in partnership with the Los Angeles LGBT Center and now in its eighth year, was created to empower and educate LGBTQIA young people to tell their stories through film. Fellows between the ages of 16 and 24 ...

  • Ecstatic Affirmations: Films by Pat Rocco

    5 videos

    Pioneering activist and filmmaker Pat Rocco (1934-2018) produced short-form gay erotica in the 1960s that was widely embraced by the gay community, and received positive reviews from the mainstream press, including Variety, the Los Angeles Times, and Playboy magazine. Rocco's prolific output of ...

  • The World of Pam Walton

    5 videos

    For over thirty years, award-winning independent documentarian Pam Walton has held her camera up to a dynamic array of lives, lifestyles, and livelihoods of LGBTQ+ people and captured their experiences on film for all to clearly see. As preserved and restored by the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project, t...