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  • Outfest x ReadySet: Architecting Inclusive Cultures in Entertainment Panel

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    Diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm, ReadySet, is partnering with Outfest following their collaboration at Sundance where ReadySet CEO and founder, Y-Vonne Hutchinson hosted an inspirational conversation with Sundance awa...

  • The Outfest Outpost at 2023 Sundance Film Festival

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    The Outfest Outpost at Sundance Film Festival was a celebration of the queer films and artists selected at both Sundance and Slamdance, as well as three-panel discussions, presented by Acura, that gathered queer, trans, and non-binary talent to focus on crucial issues facing the LGBTQIA+ communit...

  • Let's Go on a Journey of Joy with Remi Arnold

    The OutMuseum is thrilled to host a guided therapeutic meditation to provide space and prompt to unpack and externalize internalized trauma with Queer Psychotherapist and Councillor, Remi Arnold. We hope that through this exercise you begin to reflect on who we as a community have had to become i...

  • Chosen: Short Film Collection

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    Guest curated by Kieran Medina, this shorts program features four short films by trans and nonbinary directors about the ways queer and trans people manifest family, navigate family, and expand our understandings of family. Through conversation, through humor, through poetry, through storytelling...

  • Chosen: Audio Storytelling

    3 items

    These are recorded pieces from trans comedians, poets, and storytellers on the topic of chosen family.

    Storytellers: féi hernandez, Julia Scotti, D'Lo

  • Dancing with Pride: Short Film Collection

    10 items

    Dancing with Pride takes an inner look at the close relationship between the LGBTQ+ community and dance. The OutMuseum invites you to check out these film works from all over the world, centering dancing as an element through which queer and trans characters express and explore their own identiti...

  • Digital Visions by Ryan Charles

    6 items

    Ryan Charles is a 3D artist working in the realms of motion design and live visuals. Drawn from the depths of human emotion and the nuances of the senses, Ryan's artistry spans from the captivating realm of entertainment productions to the delicate and emotionally charged masterpieces of his exhi...

  • Musical Interludes by Samiir Saunders

    2 seasons

    Samiir Saunders is a mixed-media poet based in Birmingham, UK. Their work consists of spoken word poetry, performance art, experimental hip-hop, browser-based artworks, and poetry films. Samiir’s work examines the tension between a desire to communicate authentically and the limitations of digita...

  • Reflections: Short Film Collection

    7 items

  • Reclamations: Short Film Collection

    9 items

  • Fruitbowl Podcast

    7 items

    What is FRUITBOWL?
    By Dave Quantic, Creator of FRUITBOWL

    Talking about sex is often difficult for queer people. Most of us were raised by parents who would not dare bring up the subject of sex - queer OR hetero - and most cultures, communities and social media platforms censor honest discussion...

  • Women, Life, Freedom: Short Film Collection

    13 items

    Where is home? A place of freedom and self-expression, or your place of birth?

    We are honored to present to you a collection of films from the Iranian LGBTQ+ diaspora which, through their storytelling, relate to the current situation in Iran. Intimate and distinctly Iranian, these stories seek f...

  • Women, Life, Freedom: A Roundtable Discussion

    In this powerful roundtable conversation structured by the Shahrazad Squad Conversation Cards - inspired by Shahrazad and the epic tales of One Thousand and One Nights - moderator and guest curator Parisa Parnian sits in community with a panel of LGBTQ+ Iranian Americans to discuss the current Up...

  • Queering SWANA: Requiem for Past, Ode to Future

    4 items

    Learning to grow past generational trauma is a laborious task and this series of films is a guide to self-discovery beyond ancestral pain and cultural expectation. Amongst the films, you will find ceremonial tributes to our foremothers, acts of queer defiance, and a plea for cross-cultural commun...

  • Queering SWANA: Habibis, Habibtis, etc.

    5 items

    Forbidden love is no foreign concept to the queer community, especially the queer communities within SWANA. Habibis, Habibtis, etc. is dedicated to those who have been pushed into loving on the margins, under the guise of “friendship” and behind closed doors. Although grappling with cultural reje...

  • I Am Nasrine

    I Am Nasrine is an intimate journey of self-discovery and ultimately reveals the unfolding of a soul. Set in modern day Tehran, and the UK, the film follows the paths of Nasrine and Ali, sister and brother in a comfortable, middle class Iranian home. When Nasrine has a run-in with the police, the...

  • The 2022 Outfest Legacy Awards

    The annual Outfest Legacy Awards is the premiere awards show and fundraiser dedicated to celebrating LGBTQIA+ movers and shakers in the film and television industry. Join us on the red carpet for live performances and special appearances by some of your favorite queer celebrities and allies, and ...

  • The Filipinx Edition: Short Film Collection

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    “Everyday I’m reminded
    that the reason I even have a voice
    is because my story has never been just mine.
    It has always belonged to the village
    A family heirloom from my ancestors
    who fought for their lives so that I can fight for ours.
    This is how I know that more than anything
    our stories have t...

  • The Filipinx Edition: Music & Sound

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    “you bring out the queer in me
    The dyke in me
    The brave beautiful butch in me
    The bastos the bakla
    The walang hiya in me”
    -excerpt from the poem you bring out the filipina in me
    by maiana minahal

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  • The Filipinx Edition: Prose and Poetry

    2 items

    “Write with your eyes like painters, with your
    ears like musicians, with your feet like dancers.
    You are the truthsayer with quill and torch.
    Write with your tongues of fire.”

    - Gloria Anzaldúa from This Bridge Called My Back
    Writings By Radical Women Of Color

    In this collection of prose an...

  • The Filipinx Edition: Visual Art by Tala Oliver Mateo

    10 seasons

    “why does the sound of laughter have a bullet behind it?
    why does a fist, just the circumference of the heart, now hold its hackles up?
    how can this universe be a pillow and not a landmine?
    what ways do I make my soul a swallowing and a shield?"

    -excerpt from the poem Loving in the Apocalypse Ye...

  • In Conversation with Ace Filmmakers & Allies: A Roundtable Discussion

    In this roundtable discussion, curator Josslyn Glenn leads Heather Muriel Nguyen (Thơ), Jaymee Mak (It's Not You. It's Not Me.), and Yen Dinh (Luv, Me) in conversation to discus their films included within the Ace of Hearts exhibit and broader topics around ace and aro representation in storytell...

  • Perspectives: Indianare Siqueira

    Curator and Director of Your Mother's Comfort Adam Golub sits down with the legendary Indianare Siqueira - human rights activist and the central subject of that documentary - as she leads her congressional "campaign of the peripheries" to represent the state of Rio de Janeiro in this year's gener...

  • Pespectives: Laura Murray

    Curator Adam Golub sits down with A Kiss for Gabriela director Laura Murray to discuss Gabriela Leite's legacy as a revolutionary leader and the work for justice still ahead, the radical necessity to destigmatize sex work, and the complexities of Brazil's political institutions and social structu...