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  • The 2022 Outfest Legacy Awards

    The annual Outfest Legacy Awards is the premiere awards show and fundraiser dedicated to celebrating LGBTQIA+ movers and shakers in the film and television industry. Join us on the red carpet for live performances and special appearances by some of your favorite queer celebrities and allies, and ...

  • Greetings from Washington, D.C. (1981)

    In the fall of 1979, tens of thousands of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender activists converged on the National Mall to participate in the very first National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. Directed and edited by Lucy Winer and produced by Frances Reid, Rob Epstein, Lucy Wi...

  • The Filipinx Edition: Short Film Collection

    7 items

    “Everyday I’m reminded
    that the reason I even have a voice
    is because my story has never been just mine.
    It has always belonged to the village
    A family heirloom from my ancestors
    who fought for their lives so that I can fight for ours.
    This is how I know that more than anything
    our stories have t...

  • Art and Activism: Short Film Collection

    6 items

    In this collection of short films programmed in celebration of the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project's recent restoration of Greetings from Washington, D.C. (1981), LGBTQ+ activists and activism take center stage.

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  • The Filipinx Edition: Music & Sound

    5 items

    “you bring out the queer in me
    The dyke in me
    The brave beautiful butch in me
    The bastos the bakla
    The walang hiya in me”
    -excerpt from the poem you bring out the filipina in me
    by maiana minahal

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  • The Filipinx Edition: Prose and Poetry

    2 items

    “Write with your eyes like painters, with your
    ears like musicians, with your feet like dancers.
    You are the truthsayer with quill and torch.
    Write with your tongues of fire.”

    - Gloria Anzaldúa from This Bridge Called My Back
    Writings By Radical Women Of Color

    In this collection of prose an...

  • The Filipinx Edition: Visual Art by Tala Oliver Mateo

    10 seasons

    “why does the sound of laughter have a bullet behind it?
    why does a fist, just the circumference of the heart, now hold its hackles up?
    how can this universe be a pillow and not a landmine?
    what ways do I make my soul a swallowing and a shield?"

    -excerpt from the poem Loving in the Apocalypse Ye...

  • In Conversation with Ace Filmmakers & Allies: A Roundtable Discussion

    In this roundtable discussion, curator Josslyn Glenn leads Heather Muriel Nguyen (Thơ), Jaymee Mak (It's Not You. It's Not Me.), and Yen Dinh (Luv, Me) in conversation to discus their films included within the Ace of Hearts exhibit and broader topics around ace and aro representation in storytell...

  • Perspectives: Indianare Siqueira

    Curator and Director of Your Mother's Comfort Adam Golub sits down with the legendary Indianare Siqueira - human rights activist and the central subject of that documentary - as she leads her congressional "campaign of the peripheries" to represent the state of Rio de Janeiro in this year's gener...

  • Pespectives: Laura Murray

    Curator Adam Golub sits down with A Kiss for Gabriela director Laura Murray to discuss Gabriela Leite's legacy as a revolutionary leader and the work for justice still ahead, the radical necessity to destigmatize sex work, and the complexities of Brazil's political institutions and social structu...

  • Ace of Hearts: Short Film Collection

    7 items

    Sex sells such that a storyline devoid of compulsory sex may feel incomplete or disinteresting to those of us internalizing the necessity of sex; in this collection of short films, we invite you reconsider what makes the hearts of the A in LGBTQIA+ no less deserving of intimacy.

    If you'd like t...

  • Let Them Speak: Audio Stories

    7 items

    In this special collection of Audio Stories, LGBTQ+ young people take the microphone to offer their own perspective on the shameful efforts by lawmakers to take away their rights as well as their personal stories of growing up and living as proud queer and trans youth in Florida, Arizona, and Tex...

  • The OutFronts

    18 items

    The OutFronts 4-day festival kicks off Pride Month, beginning Friday, June 3rd through Monday, June 6th and connects fans with all things LGBTQIA+ in television. The festival is filled with free panel discussions and premieres featuring the talent from some of the most exciting LGBTQIA+ programs ...

  • Pulling Focus: In Conversation with Barbie Leung and Hilda Schmelling

    In this conversation between friends and creative collaborators on the short film Be Right Back, cinematographer Barbie Leung and director Hilda Schmelling discuss her career and image-making, working in the industry as a queer woman of color, and her advice for how to break into and stay in the ...

  • Pulling Focus: In Conversation with Ava Berkofsky and Drew Denny

    In this dynamic and lively conversation, cinematographer Ava Berkofsky and director Drew Denny sit down in-person (!) to discuss their creative collaboration on Momster and Berkofsky's approach to the art of cinematography.

  • Taking Space with Rodney Evans & Elegance Bratton

    In this inaugural edition of Taking Space - the OutMuseum's new one-on-one conversation series featuring Black queer film professionals discussing their journeys in the industry - filmmakers Rodney Evans (Brother to Brother, Vision Portraits) and Elegance Bratton (Walk for Me, Pier Kids) chat abo...

  • Taking Space with Tre'vell Anderson & Valerie Complex

    In this second installment of Taking Space - the OutMuseum's new one-on-one conversation series featuring Black queer film professionals discussing their journeys in the industry - entertainment journalist Tre'vell Anderson (Xtra, FANTI Podcast) and film critic Valerie Complex (Deadline) talk abo...

  • Outfest House @ Sundance: PARTNERS IN WORK AND LOVE - A talk with AM I OK?

    PARTNERS IN WORK AND LOVE - A talk with the team from AM I OK? - co-presented by ReFrame, a project founded by the Sundance Institute and Women in Film. Premiering Monday, January 24th at 1pm PT.

    Sundance 2022 filmmakers and life partners Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne (AM I OK?) - along with...


    FROM IDEA TO SCREEN: WHAT ARE THE QUEER STORIES THAT NEED TO BE TOLD? - presented in partnership with It Gets Better. Premiering Sunday, January 23rd.

    The It Gets Better Project has a mission to uplift, empower and connect LGBTQIA+ youth around the globe. One of the key ways in which we do that...

  • Outfest House @ Sundance: THE VISIBILITY QUESTION - A Framing Agnes Case Study

    THE VISIBILITY QUESTION - A Framing Agnes Case Study - co-presented by GLAAD, premiering Saturday, January 22nd at 1:30pm PT.

    In this age of steadily increasing onscreen trans stories and characters, the words “visibility" and "representation" have become buzzwords…but what do these really mean?...

  • OutSet: The Young Filmmakers Project

    12 items

    Outfest presents a collection of shorts from OutSet: The Young Filmmakers Program. OutSet, in partnership with the Los Angeles LGBT Center and now in its eighth year, was created to empower and educate LGBTQIA young people to tell their stories through film. Fellows between the ages of 16 and 24 ...

  • Ecstatic Affirmations: Films by Pat Rocco

    5 items

    Pioneering activist and filmmaker Pat Rocco (1934-2018) produced short-form gay erotica in the 1960s that was widely embraced by the gay community, and received positive reviews from the mainstream press, including Variety, the Los Angeles Times, and Playboy magazine. Rocco's prolific output of ...

  • The World of Pam Walton

    5 items

    For over thirty years, award-winning independent documentarian Pam Walton has held her camera up to a dynamic array of lives, lifestyles, and livelihoods of LGBTQ+ people and captured their experiences on film for all to clearly see. As preserved and restored by the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project, t...