Razor Tongue

Razor Tongue

2 Seasons

A no-bullshit web series starring Rain Valdez, Sterling Jones and Alexandra Grey. Razor Tongue explores the complexities of finding a voice of self-love in a world filled with misogyny and discrimination. Razor Tongue deftly navigates the calling out—and the being called out. Whether sitting through a floundering Tinder date or a terrible job interview, Belle Jonas (Valdez) calls out micro-aggressions and bad behavior from men whenever she sees it. But when antagonized by Ariel (Grey), who turns the tables on her, she begins to wonder about how effective public shaming actually is. (Now>Ever Artists)

For her tremendous performance as Belle Jonas, Rain Valdez was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Comedy or Drama Series. With this achievement, Valdez became the first Filipina American transgender actress to be nominated for an Emmy.

After you've finished watching, don't forget to check out the Outfest Now exclusive post-show discussion series After Tongue - where Rain Valdez sits down with cast and crew to break down each episode one-by-one!

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Razor Tongue
  • Episode 1: The Colonizer

    Episode 1

    Belle (Rain Valdez) is on a Tinder blind date with Timmy (Shaan Dasani) who colonizes the conversation and won't let her get a word in edge-wise.

  • Episode 2: Over Qualified

    Episode 2

    When Belle is dismissed at a job interview for being over qualified, it immediately goes south.

  • Episode 3: Toxic Bullshit

    Episode 3

    Belle runs into Austin (Sterling Jones) - a deviously charming but problematic dreamboat - and reads him to filth.

  • Episode 4: Uptight X Wholesome

    Episode 4

    Belle dishes to her best friend Roselyn (Carmen Scott) when she gets an unexpected visit from Ariel Addams (Alexandra Grey), a WOKE AF podcast hosts who offers Belle a job she can't refuse.

  • Episode 5: Problematic

    Episode 5

    Austin visits Belle and apologizes for past problematic behaviors.

  • Episode 6: Backlash

    Episode 6

    Roselyn confronts Ariel about her suspicions of putting Belle on her podcast. Ariel calls out Roselyn for being a bad friend.

  • Episode 7: True Love

    Episode 7

    Belle is on Ariel's podcast live. The interview takes a turn for the worst when Ariel antagonizes Belle about her complacency with Austin's behavior.