Queering SWANA: Habibis, Habibtis, etc.

Queering SWANA: Habibis, Habibtis, etc.

Forbidden love is no foreign concept to the queer community, especially the queer communities within SWANA. Habibis, Habibtis, etc. is dedicated to those who have been pushed into loving on the margins, under the guise of “friendship” and behind closed doors. Although grappling with cultural rejection develops in complex layers, the protagonists of these films take hold of their bleeding hearts and reclaim their space in cultural communities. This program invites you to laugh and cry boldly alongside its daring characters.

Queering SWANA: Habibis, Habibtis, etc.
  • Dress Up

    On the eve of her sister's wedding, a young woman faces her queer anxieties.

  • Blind Date

    May, 27, has a blind date with a certain June. On her way there, in a strange turn of events, May’s phone is destroyed. With no way of reaching June or knowing what she looks like, May decides to show up anyway – only to discover a café occupied exclusively by women… how will May find June?

  • Parev Mama (Hello Mother)

    A loving, strong willed, and deeply opinionated mother, a daughter brimming with cultural change, and a love interest who pushes for love over fear. Parev Mama, is the story of three strong women intertwined, linked by their yearnings of love, fears, and courage, ultimately coming together in a f...

  • Muslim Mingle

    An awkward, people-pleasing Arab immigrant finally decides to come out to his fiancee then his mom walks in on them.

  • Rupture Divine

    The story of Maya, a girl who goes through electroshock conversion therapy and starts to hallucinate after her mother discovers her relationship with a girl.