Let Them Speak: Stories from LGBTQ+ Youth

Let Them Speak: Stories from LGBTQ+ Youth

As the country talks around the lives of queer youth, a core factor that seems to be missing from the conversation is the fact that these young people are not being given the opportunity to speak for themselves. This exhibit is about putting the power of their lives and their stories back in their hands. The OutMuseum is proud to present a collection of Audio Stories directly from students and young people who live in states where their leaders are shamefully engaged in passing legislation limiting their freedom to be themselves, along with a curated short film selection centering the experiences of LGBTQ+ youth. Let Them Speak hopes to provide an opportunity for the queer and trans youth of this country to be centered in the conversations about their lives.

Let Them Speak: Stories from LGBTQ+ Youth
  • Let Them Speak: Audio Stories

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    In this special collection of Audio Stories, LGBTQ+ young people take the microphone to offer their own perspective on the shameful efforts by lawmakers to take away their rights as well as their personal stories of growing up and living as proud queer and trans youth in Florida, Arizona, and Tex...

  • Let Them Speak: Short Film Collection

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    In this collection of short films, LGBTQ+ youth take center stage in a spectrum of narratives and experiences.