Fruitbowl Podcast

Fruitbowl Podcast

By Dave Quantic, Creator of FRUITBOWL

Talking about sex is often difficult for queer people. Most of us were raised by parents who would not dare bring up the subject of sex - queer OR hetero - and most cultures, communities and social media platforms censor honest discussions about it. Additionally, many of us grew up in families and cultures that are hostile towards queer people, forcing us to seek answers from pornography and explore sex with an enormous amount of secrecy and shame.

FRUITBOWL is a judgement-free platform for honest, frank conversations about queer sex. Since the summer of 2018, I have filmed over 70 interviews and created four seasons of podcast episodes and numerous short films in preparation for a docuseries about queer sex. My goal is to film at least 100 interviews with a diverse cross section of queer voices in an effort to destigmatize queer sex and reveal the fierce individuality, strength and independence of queer people.

For more information about the interview process, check out the FRUITBOWL website here.

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Fruitbowl Podcast
  • Fruitbowl: Dave

    Fruitbowl’s creator and producer, Dave Quantic, provides his first full-length Fruitbowl interview in this “very special” episode hosted by editor Ryan Weadon.

    Dave’s sexual orientation came into focus early on while growing up in small-town, suburban Kansas in the late eighties, but the only pl...

  • Fruitbowl: Aditya Finds His Tribes

    This episode’s main event features Aditya who sat for an interview in October of 2019 in New York City.

    Raised in Hyderbad, India, Aditya didn’t come out until his second year of college in New Delhi. Luckily his family and friends accepted him, but an awkward experience he had at a bath house i...

  • Fruitbowl: Jaelynn "Don't Touch The Hair"

    Jaelynn shares stories from her life growing up queer in Mississippi and her evolution as a trans woman. Her stories include misadventures in the sex trade and valuable advice for anyone who wants to get frisky with Black women: “Don’t Touch The Hair.”

  • Fruitbowl: Jason and Sam

    Bathroom cruising, balloon fetishes, trans sex tips and queefing. These are just a few of the topics we cover in this premiere episode of Fruitbowl. Join Dave and his co-host Sam as they talk about intimate topics related to queer sex.

  • Fruitbowl: Karilla

    Karilla’s story, in so many ways, reflects the common stages of personal growth that so many queer people go through: in our early years, insecurity about our bodies and sexuality and adults who fail to help guide us; during high school, sitting on the sidelines and watching as our friends perfor...

  • Fruitbowl: Lilian

    Lilian grew up in Sedalia Colorado, a small community outside of Denver. Growing up, Lilian was a good little straight boy who judged other kids for having pre-marital sex. It wasn’t until college in LA that Lilian began her journey into becoming a self-described non-binary, genderfluid transgend...

  • Fruitbowl: Mike

    As a first generation Vietnamese-American, Mike felt an obligation to make the most of his opportunities that his immigrant parents fought so hard to provide him. But even though his family was part of a robust Vietnamese community in Sugarland, TX (a suburb of Houston), Mike still felt like an o...