Danny the Manny

Danny the Manny

5 Episodes

In this sharp and wonderfully funny series from creator Mike Roma, a gay babysitter discovers the little boy he's watching likes to crossdress.

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Danny the Manny
  • Episode One: In The Closet

    Episode 1

    What begins as a typical day turns topsy turvy when male babysitter Danny makes a queer discovery.

  • Episode Two: In Cahoots

    Episode 2

    After making a deal with Quinn, Danny realizes it may be harder to keep his promise than he originally thought.

  • Episode Three: In Drag

    Episode 3

    Danny and Quinn encounter a kooky housewife at the park, which leads Quinn to ask a number of uncomfortable "queeries".

  • Episode Four: In Trouble

    Episode 4

    When Danny's lesbian soulmate Taylor gives it to him straight, Danny makes a cringe-worthy series of admissions.

  • Episode Five: In Conclusion

    Episode 5

    Realizing rent is due, Danny returns to Quinn's house and has one last standoff with Karen.