Dancing with Pride: Old School Ballroom

Dancing with Pride: Old School Ballroom

The OutMuseum is proud to share a collection of archival videos celebrating the legacy of the New York City ballroom scene, brought to life through the incredible archival work of Old School Ballroom. As you watch these videos, we invite you to immerse yourself in the community and collective culture electrified into life by each individual member of each House. In the words of Tsione Wolde-Michael in A Brief History of Voguing from the Smithsonian Institute: "Regardless of the style, voguing shows the courage of Black and Latino LGBTQ communities to make an art form that goes beyond creative expression. Vogue offers a sense of identity, belonging and dignity in a world that does not fully value their lives."

Old School Ballroom - initially called Old School Ballroom DVD - was created by Felix Rodriguez (Milan) in 2005 to pay homage to the New York City Ballroom scene from the 1990s and beyond. Felix is an internationally recognized preservationist within the niche of Ballroom who started videotaping these events in 1992. Old School Ballroom videos can be found on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Felix has become a friend, father, brother, uncle but most of all, a “Mentor” in the ballroom community. He has connected with Ballroom participants from around the globe and closed the intergenerational gap. Felix is currently directing a documentary about the ballroom scene called My Ballroom Story. For more videos or information please contact: [email protected]

Dancing with Pride: Old School Ballroom
  • Awards Ball (2006)

    A brief description of the ballroom scene at the May 2006 Awards Ball, at The National Black Theatre in Harlem, New York City. Featuring Willi Ninja, Luna Khan, Jazmine Manolo Blahnik, and many more. Commentator - Selvin Mizrahi, Music by John “Kojak” Negron, co-shot, co-produced and edited by Sh...

  • A Spring Affair (1992)

    Highlights of Melissa & Shady Louie Xtravaganza’s Spring Affair Ball, April 1992 at Tracks Night Club, New York City. Additionally included the category - Face with Performance with Ira Ebony vs Dashawn Revlon. Commentator - David Ian Xtravaganza, Music by Kojak, camera & editing by Felix Rodriguez.

  • FQ Performance Alyssa (1993)

    The House of Ebony’s Halloween Ball, October 1993 at The Karate Schoo in East Harlem, New York City. The category is Femme Queen Face with Performance with Alyssa St. Claire. Commentator, Father Roger Milan. Camera by Felix Rodriguez.

  • Jose Revlon vs Kevin Milan (1992)

    Melissa & Shady Louie Xtravaganza’s Spring Affair Ball, April 1992 at Tracks Night Club, New York City. The category is Butch Queen Performance featuring Jose Revlon vs Kevin Milan. Commentator - David Ian Xtravaganza, camera by Felix Rodriguez.

  • Remembering Octavia

    A tribute to the late Heavenly Angel Octavia St. Laurent 1964-2009. Interview from the deleted scenes of the documentary Paris is Burning, Directed by Jennie Livingston. Original footage shot and edited by Felix Rodriguez.

  • Runway Madness Montana (1992)

    The Montana Ball at The Mark Ballroom, New York City, October 1992. The category is European Runway for the Tall Boys. Commentator, David Ian Xtravaganza. Eric Adonis, Marvin Leviticus, Devin Elite, Patrick Ebony, Lopetti, William Xtravaganza, and many more. Shot by Felix Rodriguez.

  • The Alphabet Ball (1993)

    Highlights of Royal House of Milan’s Alphabet Ball, July 1993 at The Continental Club/Irving Plaza, New York City. Bonus - a tribute to the beautiful Icon Onjenae Milan. Music by DJ Phil Pagan, camera by Felix Rodriguez editing by JJ.

  • The Life Ball (2000)

    The House of Latex Life Ball at the Roseland Ballroom, New York City, August 2000. Shot and directed by Felix Rodriguez, produced by the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. Commentator, Jack Mizrahi. The category is Vogue Femme Dramatics Butch Queens vs. Femme Queens. The iconic battle between Alloura Jourd...

  • Verbal Vogue (1993)

    The House of Milan’s Alphabet Ball at The Continental Club/Irving Plaza, New York City, July 1993. The category is Verbal Vogue - While battling, strike a pose, throw a dagger until the most vicious queen has won. Featuring Jose Xtravaganza vs Andre Mizrahi. Commentator, Roger Milan. Shot by Feli...

  • Women's Face with Performance (1993)

    The House of Chanel Ball at the Mark Ballroom, New York City, April 1993.

    Cisgender women have participated in the ballroom scene for decades. Here is Kalama, Mina Xtravaganza and Ruthy Revlon walking for Women’s Face with Performance. Commentator - Kenny Chanel. Shot by Felix Rodriguez.