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Episode 7: The Animal Shelter


Up Next in Season 2

  • Episode 8: New Tattoos

    Tanya regrets doing George's bidding. Dottie recruits unwitting Chef Sprinklesson to help disguise the hexed potion meant for Roses. Helena Pen Poison's life is in grave danger after she helps Roses uncover a family secret.

  • Episode 9: Prison Break

    Roses gets a birthday cupcake from Dottie Pearl. But is it safe to eat? The Mayor's reelection campaign implodes as George exposes compromising film of him staged by Dinky and Tanya. Celeste finds another way to hurt Roses' chances with the Mayor. Meanwhile, Mother Terisha and Sister Malvita sta...

  • Episode 10: Tanya's Best Day at Work

    The Vatican warns Father Dick (Jason Carter of RPDR's Pit Crew) that he'll need reinforcements to deal with the demon possessing Dottie Pearl. Mother Terisha and Sister Malvita ambush George's TV studio. Tanya and the Mayor both find ways to move on from their old relationships.