Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill

2 Seasons

Presented by BenDeLaCreme, Wes Hurley's Capitol Hill is a queer parody of (and an homage to) 1970s soap operas and crime shows with a pinch of supernatural horror. Gender-bending icon Waxie Moon stars as the young and naive Roses Smell who escapes to Seattle from the backwoods hellhole of Portland. The big city holds promises of new friendship, love and even stardom, but none of it may be enough to stave off the demons from Roses' haunting Oregon past. Fiercely original and featuring lavish production design, "Capitol Hill" won Best Costume Design and Best Makeup at Indie Series Awards.

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Capitol Hill
  • Episode 1: The Mayor's Wife

    Roses' date with the Mayor of Seattle goes awry when his wife, Celeste (Jinkx Monsoon), drops by to chat. Dottie Pearl attempts exorcism with the help of handsome Father Dick (Jason Carter of RPDR's Pit Crew).

  • Episode 2: The Mayor's Wife Part 2

    The Mayor confronts Celeste (Jinkx Monsoon) about their crumbling marriage. Roses confesses her trouble to Tanya. Father Dick reports to the Vatican after Dottie's failed exorcism.

  • Episode 3: Dinky Pie Returns

    George's illegitimate daughter and disgraced child star, Dinky Pie (Jackie Hell), visits her father who decides he can use her to hurt the Mayor's re-election campaign.

  • Episode 4: Daddy's Hole

    Guinevere Turner guest-stars as a psychotherapist trying to unravel Roses' childhood trauma which involves witchcraft, cannibalism and camping.

  • Episode 5: Pearl's Demon

    Dottie Pearl has a meeting with her inner demon. Tanya and Dinky scheme against the Mayor to hurt his reelection campaign.

  • Episode 6: I Want You To Find My Father

    After interviewing Russian ballet maven, Anna Zhopova, Roses goes to meet with Helena Pen Poison - to help her solve the biggest mystery of her life.

  • Episode 7: The Animal Shelter

    The Mayor's reelection campaign is in real trouble after Dinky Pie and Tanya stage a furry sex scandal to compromise him. Celeste reminds the Mayor that he needs her support to save his political career. Meanwhile, Roses gets a lesson in relationships from Anna Zhopova.

  • Episode 8: New Tattoos

    Tanya regrets doing George's bidding. Dottie recruits unwitting Chef Sprinklesson to help disguise the hexed potion meant for Roses. Helena Pen Poison's life is in grave danger after she helps Roses uncover a family secret.

  • Episode 9: Prison Break

    Roses gets a birthday cupcake from Dottie Pearl. But is it safe to eat? The Mayor's reelection campaign implodes as George exposes compromising film of him staged by Dinky and Tanya. Celeste finds another way to hurt Roses' chances with the Mayor. Meanwhile, Mother Terisha and Sister Malvita sta...

  • Episode 10: Tanya's Best Day at Work

    The Vatican warns Father Dick (Jason Carter of RPDR's Pit Crew) that he'll need reinforcements to deal with the demon possessing Dottie Pearl. Mother Terisha and Sister Malvita ambush George's TV studio. Tanya and the Mayor both find ways to move on from their old relationships.

  • Episode 11: The Song of Carcosa

    Episode 11

    Epic battle between good and evil ensues as Father Dick and his fellow clergy attempt to exorcise Dottie again. Meanwhile, a cursed cupcake has a shocking effect on Roses. With special guest appearance and original song by PromQueen.

  • Episode 12: The New Mayor

    Episode 12

    Celeste becomes Seattle's new mayor as she and the Mayor finalize their divorce. Tanya inherits George's media empire. A mysterious medical condition takes a hold of Roses just as she gets a surprise visit from someone from her past. With a special guest appearance by David Dunham (John Water's D...