Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill

2 Seasons

Presented by BenDeLaCreme, Wes Hurley's Capitol Hill is a queer parody of (and an homage to) 1970s soap operas and crime shows with a pinch of supernatural horror. Gender-bending icon Waxie Moon stars as the young and naive Roses Smell who escapes to Seattle from the backwoods hellhole of Portland. The big city holds promises of new friendship, love and even stardom, but none of it may be enough to stave off the demons from Roses' haunting Oregon past. Fiercely original and featuring lavish production design, "Capitol Hill" won Best Costume Design and Best Makeup at Indie Series Awards.

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Capitol Hill
  • Episode 1: Leaving Portland

    Episode 1

    While escaping from her mutant hillbilly family, 16-year old Roses Smell (Waxie Moon) meets a handsome stranger who gives her a ride to Seattle.

  • Episode 2: A New Friend

    Episode 2

    With all of her belongings stolen, Roses has to rely on the kindness of her new friend, Tanya (Alexandra Tavares). After bonding over their new tattoos, the girls visit Tanya's workplace - the local TV station. Co-starring Robbie Turner (RuPaul's Drag Race).

  • Episode 3: Career Breakthrough

    Episode 3

    Roses gets a surprise break when Dottie Pearl (RuPaul's Drag Race' Robbie Turner) has an unfortunate accident on set and George has to hire a replacement.

  • Episode 4: The Lost Pearl

    Episode 4

    Dottie becomes a victim of an occult kidnapping by a malevolent being that wants her to get close to Roses.

  • Episode 5: Homosexual Activists

    Episode 5

    Roses finds herself in the midst of a political controversy when she interviews Mother Terisha, a polarizing celebrity nun. Co-starring Annette Toutonghi (Guy Maddin's The Brand Upon the Brain).

  • Episode 6: The Mayor

    Episode 6

    Mother Terisha makes an intriguing proposition to Roses, who's all too eager to help out her new friend despite Tanya's reservations.

  • Episode 7: Undercover

    Episode 7

    To help out Mother Terisha, Roses agrees to go undercover as a homosexual man. But her plans get upended when she meets handsome Michelle. Could it be that Mother Terisha was wrong about homosexuals?

  • Episode 8: Gay Baby Blood

    Episode 8

    Roses discovers that her ride to Seattle was none other than Seattle's Mayor. Meanwhile, the world-famous forensic scientist and mystery novel writer, Helena Pen-Poison (Aleksa Manila), warns our heroine of Mother Terisha's sinister motives.

  • Episode 9: The Reckoning

    Episode 9

    Roses decides to come clean to Michelle. After being exposed by Helena Pen-Poison, Mother Terisha has nothing to lose and prepares to rain terror on her enemies.

  • Episode 10: Time Heals All

    Episode 10

    In this explosive season finale, Roses' love affair with Michelle comes to a fiery conclusion, making room for a promising new opportunity.