BAES Welcome

BAES Welcome

6 Episodes

BAES Welcome, a comedic single-cam web series, follows the lives of two struggling lesbian filmmakers, Mara and Mary. These two millennials juggle their dwindling careers and lack of romance, as they make their way through adulthood and overcome financial hardship. It's hard not to feel and relate with these two bruhs who are just trying to survive in LA.

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BAES Welcome
  • BAES Welcome EP 1: The Struggle

    Episode 1

    There's no lesbian guidebook that tells you how to pee sexy in front of someone you like. Especially when Mother Nature calls.

  • BAES Welcome EP 2: Meltdown

    Episode 2

    Life is tough when you are not where you're supposed to be...according to family. When all seems bad you're not alone. Sometimes a best friends reminder of how well you are doing is the best remedy for a pick me up.

  • BAES Welcome EP 3: Boy Bi

    Episode 3

    Mary catches Mara amid-st an unspeakable act, which reveals Mara's secret. The day unfolds into a frenzy of heartbreak, chaos, confusion and passion and passion and passion. You think coming out to your parents is hard, try doing that to your best friend...

  • BAES Welcome EP 4: Bruhnniversary

    Episode 4

  • BAES Welcome EP 5: Bang for a Buck

    Episode 5

    When push comes to shove, Mara and Mary really aren't doing great in life. They may not even make rent this month. So, instead of finding a real solution, Mary and Mara fantasize what it would it be like to direct their own porno and make a ton of money.

  • BAES Welcome EP 6: Ugh, Straight Girls

    Episode 6

    As commonly known the lesbian world, sometimes girls like the same girl. Such is the case at Mara and Mary's Pride party, but when they found out that the girl they like is actually straight, it was time for her to go home.