Amalgamation: Short Film Collection

Amalgamation: Short Film Collection

This collection of stunning short films from contemporary Black filmmakers explores, envisions, and expands upon the past, present, and future of queer Black stories onscreen with bold and enlightening style.

Amalgamation: Short Film Collection
  • The Beauty President

    In 1992, at the height of the AIDS pandemic, activist Terence Alan Smith made a historic bid for president of the United States as his drag queen persona Joan Jett Blakk. Today, Smith reflects back on his seminal civil rights campaign and its place in American history.

  • Peace

    A love story that dives into the complexities of a down-low queer relationship and questions what it really means to be at peace.

  • MINO: A Diasporic Myth

    In the utopic haven of Biamara, a coven of Black womxn who can conceive without men must consider denouncing one of their own when she chooses to defy the all female code and self produce a male child.

  • Agnes of Rome

    Breaking the strings that society attaches on us, set us free to be ourselves and live in a united world where differences are praised.


    Based on a poem and inspired by a series of fantasies voiced by Queer People of Color, “Feed Me” is a coming-of-age art film that celebrates black and queer intimacy, sensuality, and pleasure. This film is part of an ongoing exploration and practice of ‘pleasure activism’ by which black joy, desi...

  • A Fox in the Night

    A South London story in which opposites attract, appearances deceive, and bravery reaps rewards.

  • The Funnel

    The Funnel follows Trina (Cat Christmas), a young Black poet living on the South Side of Chicago, as she navigates an escalating housing crisis with her mother. After falling into an intimate recollection of her family's history, she awakes in a world with people, sounds, and possibilities she's ...